The Four Percenters Pledge

The Four Percent

The Four Percenters Pledge

Want To Become A Four Percenter?

Before joining our group, it is very important that you agree and pledge to the following:

✓ I pledge to do whatever it takes to raise above the average and become a true 4%-er in business and marketing.

✓ I will be a team player others can rely on. I will engage and show up with purpose. I will attend every webinar, training, team event and meeting. I will invest time, money, energy, whatever is needed to become an iconic success story that will inspire others.

✓ I resonate with the vision of the four percent 100% and I pledge to do whatever it takes to help move this vision forward, inspiring others to raise above the average and reach their true potential.

✓ I will not settle for just getting by. I’m fired up and ready to take my business and my life to the top 4%. You can count on me to be one of the greats in the Four Percent! I’m ready to build my own skyscraper now!

✓ I will contribute to the group and bring only positive energy, no matter what may be going on in my life.

✓ I will follow the program and leadership of the group exactly as instructed to get maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible and I commit to paying it forward, helping others do what I’ve done for myself.

✓ I pledge and I’m committed 100% to being a true Four-Percenters in every area of my life!

If you agree and pledge to all the above without any reservations and in your heart you feel this is the right move for you – we can’t wait to welcome you aboard, this will be a perfect place for you and together we’re going to dominate. Click HERE to become a FREE MEMBER

Please sign and date your pledge form and print out a copy for your records. This is the day that changed your life!



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