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The Four Percent

 This site was developed by Des Morgan a surviving 6 year veteran in the Internet / Network Marketing online space in the hope that it steers budding online entrepreneurs in the right direction and gives them a fighting chance to be successful online. Des is a founding and lifetime member of The Four Percent Group

The Four Percent GroupDuring his roller coaster ride as an online marketer Des fell victim to the “Shiny Object System” a disease so crippling that had he not stumbled upon the secret he would surely have failed online and joined the other 96% of people who venture online each year to follow their passion and to make a living online only to crash and burn.

The Online Marketing Secret

There is no secret – You don’t need to buy another course from these so called guru’s who proliferate the internet and in reality most of them have never made it online and have resorted to selling flawed “How To Books and Courses” . Seriously do a Google search on the keyword “make money online” and you will find about 162,000,000 results

In their quest to finding the missing link to the puzzle budding online marketers have unintentionally sabotaged themselves by unloading so much unstructured information on many different topics and strategies, that it has caused them to become overwhelmed and suffer from information overload, leaving them confused, frustrated and in a state of limbo not knowing where or how to start.

Introducing The Four Percent

The Four Percent focus on simplicity and results, underpinned by unique systems and education, in what is a refreshing change in an industry full of self-proclaimed gurus spreading theory.

The Four Percent  is an online platform that provides specific training and mentoring on how to start making money online. The entire system is based around the two philosophies, ‘sell without selling’ and ‘results & simplicity’ as opposed to Information overload and frustration.

 The Four Percent System provides the newbie that has no experience with selling or marketing online, a real opportunity to succeed, by supplying strategically designed sales funnels and marketing materials to use right from day one.

This allows them to make money while they learn all the necessary skills to scale their business in the future, eliminating the main cause’s of failure in the industry, overwhelm and lack of results.

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Des Morgan

Internet / Network Marketer

Founding & Lifetime Member of The Four Percent 

Author of “Profiles On Success